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New weekly series on the blog! Weekend recap. If you are assuming that I will be recapping my weekend, you are a genius. 

Saturday morning 3/21: I barely slept a wink leading up to this morning’s soccer game. I have been trying to understand soccer and soccer strategy. I want to be a good technical coach as well as a coach with a good persona and those other intagibles. We only had one practice leading up to our game due to the bad weather in Huntsville recently. Needless to say the girls and I were trying to learn on the fly. Thank God for parents yelling from the sideline…they weren’t bothering me…they were helping LOL. We lost 0-4 if you are one of those “keeping score types” LOL. Weather permitting we have practice Tuesday and Friday this upcoming week so it’s back to work before Saturday 3.28’s game two.

Madison, AL AYSO 10U League.

Madison, AL AYSO 10U League.


I didn’t have time to let the soccer loss get me too down, I had to get a haircut, shower and get dressed for the UNKNOWN LYRIC show at the Flying Monkey Theater inside the Lowe Mill Arts Center here in Huntsville. Can I tell you that we absolutely tore down that 250 seat theater! Kevin and Jeremiah, backed by a full band, were phenomenal.

As I am growing in this managerial role, I found myself doing 50 different things like taking pics, making sure the merchandise table was good, thanking attendees, handing out business cards etc…but I also had the privilege of introducing the guys and that was alot of fun. I’m no stranger to a microphone, but it had been a minute… so to be up there feeling the rush of the stage again was pretty awesome, even if it was only for a minute.





Sunday 3.22 – , I didn’t do much. Hit the church house for a spiritual work-out. It was raining after church so the kids and I went grocery shopping and came straight home. I cooked up some homemade chicken tenders for the kids while we watched Guardians of the Galaxy that we had picked up on Netflix.

Oh yeah…. I also went live with the promo to www.runhsv.com click the link to check it for yourself. I’m excited about this opportunity to build something in my town! Please check it out and if you like what you seen, go ahead and follow us: @RunHSV on all social media (FB, IG & Twitter)

www.RunHSV.com for more details @RunHSV on all social media sites

http://www.RunHSV.com for more details
@RunHSV on all social media sites


Okay that’s it! That was my Weekend Review. Happy Monday everyone!