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New series on the blog….. “Laughter Explained”. These posts will be random things that I’m laughing at….and why. In this social media age…where EVERYTHING get’s posted there’s alot of mess and foolishness out there…sometimes you can still find something that sends you into tears of laughter without feeling bad afterwards. 

When I thought of this blog series I knew the first video I had to share with you all. The best thing about this clip is that THIS IS EXACTLY how non-black people THOUGHT having a black president would be, and THIS IS EXACTLY how black people hoped it would be! ….and the truth is THIS IS EXACTLY how I would be if I was President!! I love all races but yes, undeniably I would try this at least once if I was President LOL. 

(Lighten up everyone….life is to be enjoyed)


Top 5 moments:

1. “Never forget about that…cause that’s all we got”

2. “You know this”

3. “Awwww…bring it in, bring it in”

4. When the President shook the baby’s hand!

5. “He’s 1/8th black”