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Ladies and Gentleman today is National Nike Air Max Day. An ode to the greatest pair of sneakers known to man. On this date in 1987, Nike debuted a revolutionary shoe, a game changer with a visible air unit (bubble).

Sneakers were and still are my first love. My children are most important, but sneakers were there first. They are my comfort zone. It’s one of my calling cards. Anyone that knows me knows that I keep a fresh pair on my feet. It’s something as true to me as my big head and my last name.

Air Max Day 2015

“Air Max” Day, 2015. Great photo, until you realize you have to put them all back up.

I get it, at the end of the day they are just shoes. That’s why I rarely clean mine…..they are JUST shoes. I don’t worship them, but I do enjoy them. Nothing beats lacing up a pair…except lacing up a NEW pair.

Enjoy the day, wear your sneakers proudly. Be who you are. I went thru a stretch when I had to look myself in the mirror and ask was something wrong with me. I realize I’m 33, and I own 1 suit. 1….uno…..solo…..one. Instead of forcing it and being something I’m not, I had to continue being confident being me. If you’re like me and you feel more comfortable in a pair of kicks and jeans than you do a suit & tie, so be it. And to my guys that prefer the clean dress up look, I salute you.

Me……well…..let’s just say I’ll always be “….a breath of fresh air, in a fresh pair…

-Tee (@teelarge)

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