12:32 am 3.27.15

Because Tee has to be Tee

Because Tee has to be Tee

I’m still on a high. I had to blog because I certainly cannot sleep. First let me THANK every single person that sent up a prayer for me yesterday. 200+ people on Instagram and Facebook showed me love, not knowing what I was going to be doing or what they were “liking”. I wasn’t allowed to discuss it (the specifics), still am not actually. But because of you, the floodgates of heaven were opened and prayers were answered. 

Check the pics below, President Obama spoke at a community college in Birmingham, AL yesterday and not only was I present, let’s just say I was involved. Yesterday for me was confirmation that this road I am on is what I am purposed for. My hard work is being rewarded, my focus is being recognized. I no longer need the accolades, attention and approval from friends and associates that I have been seeking for so long. When you begin to focus on YOUR task….YOUR journey……NOT the destination but the journey itself, the growth happens naturally and ultimately the blessings do too. Then you follow the spiritual example and begin to embody the spirit of giving and helping/connecting with others, God sees that and rewards that type of behavior. 

This post is for you, whoever is reading this and needs a boost. You need to know that what you’re currently going thru is not in vain. There is a reason for this tough season, it’s to groom you for your greater. In the last 3-4 years I have went from being celebrated, to being hated and everything in between. I have stirred up mess, and had mess stirred up about me. I’ve lost close relationships/friendships and re-evaluated a few others. As if that’s not enough, I went thru a depression phase and a complete-total loss of creativity/mental block and for a person wired like I am that is truly devastating. 

But I never gave up….I came unbelievably close….and thankfully some loved ones saved me that night….but I am here….and I’m back better than ever.  As cliche as it sounds, I am no different than you reading this. If I can come out of the mud, so will you. 

Lastly, to my new found brothers Mike and Bruce, yesterday was for me a game changer. For us to be on the mission together was God orchestrated. He knew we needed each other so He made the necessary moves on this chess board we call life. Yesterday was 20+ years in the making. I thank both of you for everything. I can’t wait til I see both you guys again out in public, we using code-words, hand signals and everything else! 

– Tee



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