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3:56 am. 

Right now I feel like Martin Luther King Jr, the night before his world changing “I Have a Dream” speech. I feel like the rapper Drake hours before he released his instant classic “So Far Gone” mixtape 6 years ago. What I mean is that I know my life is about to change and I will never be able to be “the old me” again. That’s a good thing, I don’t have the desire to go backwards anymore. Forward progress only. The MLK Jr. & Drake references might be slight exaggerations…….

*Drumroll please*

The website is finished people.(No not this …this teelarge.com site is just my personal blog, nothing special here LOL!) I just spent 4 hours…alone…no music, no phone, no nothing….locked in and focused on the project I mentioned to you all a few weeks ago I think. We’ll it is now ALMOST ready to go live. The 4-5 people that have already heard the idea are in love with it. My best friend Mario heard it tonight and was pumped! Another one of my best friends, Romain Medley called me and gave me the speech tonight I needed to make this thing real….that final push. So I spent 4 hours alone, locked in a room with just a laptop. I didn’t even bring the charger in the room, I wanted to feel like this time was all I had. I needed to feel the pressure. 

I have not went live with the project yet, we still have a few more hours before this thing is live. I haven’t attached the logo to anything yet. When you see the logo up, you know it’s time to help promote. That’s right, I am going to need your help promoting!! 

But since you are reading this, I’ll go ahead and let you in on the secret. Go to www.runhsv.com ,that’s all your information right there. Then look up @RunHSV on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The pages are open and working…you can friend/follow each, there just aren’t any logos up yet. Again, no logos mean I haven’t publicized it yet. Coming soon. 

I am beyond excited about this #RunHSV movement. I believe in this cause wholeheartedly. Another reason I had to finish tonight was because I have a job interview at 9am (4 hours and 43 minutes from now). Before this job interview God placed on my heart a vision for myself and for me to bless/help/motivate others, I had to complete that before I went and sold myself to another man’s company. No knock against my potential new employer, they are a very respected company, and honestly with me NOT working professionally right now means no benefits, thank God I’m healthy. But I have to do me first. I must execute the vision HE gave me. I am a entrepreneur at heart and tonight my heart started beating again. I am a thinker, a creator, a person that gets high off the ability to brainstorm. And right now I’m as high as Snoop Dogg in a NASA jumpsuit. 

4:27 am. Prepare for liftoff.