Santa Is Strongly Associated With The Consumerism That Has Largely Overshadowed Or Replaced The Religious Significance Of The Holiday

God came into my life long before Santa. We had the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Christmas beetles, birthdays and Christmas was gift giving, even Easter eggs and cracker night. All these things were just great ways to mark the passing of the year. We always had something to look forward too. Even getting your teeth pulled and the tooth fairy. Santa claus am pretty sure I always knew that was mum and dad putting the coin there. But you know as a child you go along with your parent’s stories.

I had make-believe friend’s, a whole gang of them. You know reality was also make-believe, the Queen and Europe, that mountain in America with faces on it; all that was in my head. I never expected to actually see them. Reality was the presents and the fire crackers, whatever the reality behind it, didn’t matter.

Today I think it’s important to counter “stranger danger”. Not every man you see on the street is a rapist or kidnapper. Yes we have to be careful, let mum know where you are, don’t go off with people we don’t know but the world mostly are people just like us. You can ask for help and strangers can indeed be very generous. Santa is just the most generous.

I’m usually not the conspiracy type, but I’m half-convinced that Santa Claus was popularized in order to turn children into atheists.

There’s a man who, miraculously, knows everything that everyone does. If you obey the rules you will be rewarded, just remember he is always watching.

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Then at around age 10 or so we tell them it was a lie that we all go along with out of tradition, because it’s fun, and because it has a positive impact on children’s behavior.

If I was trying to deconvert a bunch of Christians, I don’t think I could come up with a better method.

Santa Claus represents the best in mankind. A myth that brings hope, joy, and goodwill to all people.

It is now widely accepted into Western culture. But Santa Claus doesn’t represent anyone religion. Santa is secular while the true meaning of Christmas is religious.

Santa is a fantasy, who lives at the North Pole, with his reindeer and elves. Frosty the Snowman is another holiday myth. Goodwill to all mankind is not necessarily religious.

Malevolent old man with a beard who instructs his followers to kill their children to demonstrate their devotion to him and commands his bezzy mates the Israelites to slaughter seven nations all ending in -ites just so they can have their land and seems to encourage his representatives on earth to molest young children

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