While At My First Permanent Assignment I Was Given What I Was Told Was

Veterans Day is just over two months away, and any organization who wants a simple, free way to make Veterans Day more meaningful for Vietnam Veterans can become the Vietnam War Commemoration’s “commemorative partners.”

The program is for federal, state and local communities, Veterans’ organizations and other nongovernmental organizations. They can assist a grateful nation in thanking and honoring Vietnam Veterans and their families.

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More than nine million Americans served from Nov. 1, 1955, to May 15, 1975. Six million are still living, but commemorative partners can do more.

“These patriots and their families deserve the nation’s gratitude,” said Phil Waite, chief of strategic engagement for The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration. “Our partners are the backbone of this national commemoration. We would be privileged to have your organization come alongside us in this noble mission.”

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My first thoughts after reading the above was ‘ what a bunch of cry babies above” . I too served, did 18 months on 2 tours, one with Special Forces but that’s not the thing I want to focus on; it’s the treatment here back in the USA.
I have never been dissed in all my time back. I had heard about all the ‘baby killer’ stuff when I was coming back, so as an act of defiance on my part i wore my Green Beret and stayed in uniform during a few days in California and on a commercial flight to the east coast without incident. My brother-in-law, a WW!! vet asked me why and he laughed when I told him. To this day I have never heard a disparaging comment; on the contrary I hear only thanks for your service consistently since I usually wear a SF cap and SF shirt. And this comes at Lowes, Walmart, Costco, wherever. I have been honored by my town with a banner on the boulevard with many vets from WWII Korea and VN. I have carried a wreath on Memorial Day at the Virginia War Memorial. On the 20th anniversary of 9/11 Saturday, in Walmart buying a newspaper, the man in front of me took the paper and said “let me get that” when I said that wasn’t necessary he pointed to my cap and said ‘neither was that, but you did it anyway’. and that choked me up!

Exactly What Extensive, “More than their Fair Share of Freebies and Recognition” are you talking about Melinda, that Viet Nam Vets have enjoyed and been adorned with? I am one of those guys, & I can’t remember any such hoopla, or freebies other than some less than enjoyable Welcoming home turnouts at the airports by the Anti War demonstrators, being called names by the same idiots that enjoyed the freedoms that we were sent to defend, & for the others in foreign places that couldn’t defend themselves. Do you mean the Less than adequate Educational and Disability Benefits for the Vets that gave up that important 1-4 yrs of their lives right out of high school, or more if they lost their lives or were wounded and suffered from disabilities either immediate or that came later in their lives.

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As stated by the Marine Gulf War Vet, “ Viet Nam Vets will never receive more than they deserve” and challenged by Melinda that thinks maybe Tge Viet Nam Vet ghastly received too many freebies and recognition for their contribution & sacrifices. Let me say this, I don’t think “ANY” Combat Vet that was lucky enough, or Not, to have survived their ordeal can ever be be made whole, by any Benefits or Accolades that are bestowed by our current VA guidelines & procedures.

Disability Claims are still being categorically denied, and claim procedures continue to require more and more form variations to be completed only so they can be rejected and require yet more clarifications by the reviewing and approval personnel that don’t have a clue of what they are doing, only that they have a black & white procedure to follow, and if it doesn’t meet The Unqualified Vietnam every criteria, then just reject it, and see if the Vet has the tenacity to challenge the system, & continue to seek their benefits, whether it be disability, medical, educational, or whatever that Vet may be entitled to.

Is there anyone recognizing those of us who served quietly in the various intelligence services during the Vietnam era, and the Cold War ?. I served during the Vietnam era, but was never allowed there, nor any combat zone. I was a “Nuclear Secrets” carrier and had to carefully guard myself. Many of my unit’s activities are still secret, and date back to 1947, when

The Presidential Unit Citation. I received my first oak leaf cluster a bit later. Sometime later i received my second oak leaf cluster. These Presidential Unit Citations were awarded under the Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson administrations for our work in establishing and monitoring the various Nuclear Test Ban treaties. Lately i applied for a copy of my service medals and was indicated as having shared only an outstanding unit award. I guess i shouldn’t be too disappointed since my unit was finally declassified in 1997. So many of my records were apparently
not available. I’m sure this type of thing has been experienced by many vets.I hear the story often from many VETS
still trying to receive disability awards. I wish them all well.

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