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The Miami Dolphin’s Latest Rebuild Is Sadly And Officially Over

If I had a doctor to talk to who was always hanging at my house I would have said at around 12:32 PM “time of death 12:32” when referring to the 2021 Miami Dolphin’s season. The coroner would have slipped the toe tag on the big toe of the corpse of the representation of the Miami Dolphins 2021 season and that carcass would have been ushered out to the furnace where it would be burned away. The reason for this is because, in fact, the 2021 Miami Dolphin’s season is over, which is, unfortunately, places a bow on the latest Miami Dolphin’s rebuild.

I wish I could say different but the Dolphin’s attempt to be a playoff team was ended by a team that hasn’t won a game in 20 attempts. Yes, the Jacksonville Jaguars, who is a team that believes their head coach is as big of a punchline as Gallagher smashing fruits with a giant Malad, defeated the Dolphins in  London. It was sad to watch and for me, it was a bit unexpected.

It was unexpected because I thought the team was going to be ready to play. I thought the team was going to be ready for a four-quarter affair. I thought the squad could overcome the rash of injuries they were facing. I was way off.

The squad, even with the B-12 like shot of life it was injected with the return of Tua Tagovailoa which he certainly supplied, couldn’t muster up enough to defeat the might Jaguars lead by a guy who wants no part of being their head coach. It was the kind of production that we’re accustomed to as being fans of this outfit. There’s some sizzle but ultimately, when action needs to be made, the team comes up short. That is pretty much what happened today. Miami Dolphins jumped up early, but eventually gave it away only to have a chance to do something about it but naturally caved to any kind of adversary. That’s really the Dolphins in any kind of a nutshell.

The 2021 Dolphins are now 1-5, losers of five straight. That being said I have no problem sticking a fork in the latest Dolphin’s rebuild. Brian Flores and Chris Grier are the conductors of the latest rebuild that started in January 2019. They got rid of all players that cost a bunch that they predicted wouldn’t be worth a bunch when they figured the team would do real-deal winning. It was a bold way of living but it made sense. Sadly, everything that they gained from all those players they got rid of netted pretty much nothing, and the Dolphins are in no different position than they were in December 2018.

It wasn’t that the philosophy of how to change this team’s fortune was incorrect it was the execution. Grier and Flores got rid of guys that fetched a ton of draft picks. That’s cool if you hit on a couple of those draft picks. The Dolphins didn’t really hit on any of the return of those draft picks. And that is the biggest reason why the 2021 Dolphin’s season is already over. Because Tagovailoa, Jackson, and Igbinoghene have been, so far, major busts. Tua played well today, but Jackson and Iggy played like guys that were put in the lineup filling in for established starters who were undrafted guys. Instead, they were expected to play like big-time starters. They are from that…..until they go to another team.

At 1-5, heads will start to roll and brass will scatter to try and keep their jobs. I don’t expect Ross to do any kind of real house cleaning until the end of the year though he has every right to get the wheels in motion for 2022. The thing is, we have no idea if Brian Flores will be part of 2022. My prediction, though backed up by exactly zero sources, predicts that the team will start to eat itself with garbage reports of a toxic culture that highlights just how weird the Brian Flores regime really is. You’ll start to hear anonymous players stating just how difficult it is to play for Flores. Hopefully, I’m wrong, but I probably won’t be.

Folks, keep watching the Dolphins every Sunday. I know I will be. I just know I’ll be doing it wearing a sarcastic leanse. Everything they do, I’ll be doing it in a mocking manner because they haven’t earned any other approach by me. They are a joke of a franchise that I hoped was turning it around with real adults running the show. I was wrong for thinking that. Wish I was wrong but sadly I’m not. We’re on to 2022.

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