Christmas That Santa Was A Made Up Story And, After Opening Their Gifts They Prepared For A Busy Day Later In The Week

The dark side of Santa is that children are learning to thank a non-existent man for the gifts they receive at Christmas and a lot of secrets and whispers when the kids are in bed have to take place to continually keep this lie alive. It is far better for the children to be assured that their gifts WILL be beside their beds when they awaken the next morning and then they know that they will be expected to thank those individuals for those gifts. Very many kids have been left heart broken (at various ages) after being told the truth eventually. My children knew from their very first writing thank you letters to all those friends and family who bought those gifts. All relatives, both sides of our family disagreed with our choice in this matter but we stuck it out and all our children (now adults) agree that not having had Santa in their lives did not leave them traumatized or lacking gifts.

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The greatest benefit of them reading gift tags on each parcel meant that they knew exactly who to thank for each gift when the wider family met up later that day or the next day.

Ah … well … I hadn’t seen that one coming! I can’t think that he does, not really! My grandson was a bit worried about an old man wandering about the house in the middle of the night, but when this was explained, Santa was entirely content to leave his goodies on the front door step. He even collected up the cookie and carrot that were suspended on strings for him behind the letter box. I don’t believe he’s dark, truly I don’t!

Yes it tells the world that it’s ok to lie. Especially to young impressive minds who believe because they are trusting that those who love then not to lie anytime And the trauma when they find that their parents have lied for years. Mine grew up without ever having a christmas not because it just a lie but because Jesus Not santa was born in the fall and that is confusing as they grow if santa isn’t real and the Parent said he was for several years then how can they believe in Jesus who was not born in Dec but in the fall or any other truths ever again..

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Sure, what would you think of a person who claims to be generous to all, but only gives gifts to non-impoverished mostly white children in western nations who are not Jewish, Muslim, or other religions that do not celebrate Christmas? Sounds pretty dark to me!

I know I just gave you the real answer but the Jehovah’s Witnesses would say yes Santa has a dark side,,,,he is Satan Claus…a guy in a red suit that always gives you your own way and replaces Christ in the hearts of the young

Fascinating responses from either side of the divide. I personally look back and consider how as a child I was introduced to the two concepts – which actually appeared to merge as one in my infant mind. Christmas was special because of presents – which came from Santa, but there was also the Jesus thing which to me muddied the waters considerably.

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The two were therefore deliberately and purposefully linked in my mind from a very early age. Now older and more skeptical, I look back and see the crass pervasiveness of the tactic, almost Pavlovian; get wonderful prezzies – yay, but they are from Santa to celebrate the birth of Jesus … errr what???? So I see where the questioner is going with the question.

Again at this time, I look back at those influences, and how they imprinted /implanted/successively added credence of the mythology in my mind, made it palatable, acceptable, even normal. I confess to doing the santa thing with my children when they were little, santa claus thinking nothing of it, but on reflection actually feeling uncomfortable about the opportunity taken by the religious overlords to re-impress the whole substance of the faith and Jesus and God thing on an unthinking population – and I was doing the same to my children.

I hit my epiphany late on, 43 to be precise, and ditched that surly unpleasant influence (millstone) on my life – and immediately regretted it at first; there is something to be said on not being 100% responsible for everything that you do, decisions you make – so much easier to absolve oneself and assign explanations and issues on religious belief, fate, wrong, godly punishment for sins as a child.

BUT, once I took hold and snipped each religious tendril as it sneaked back into my mind I became much more free. Like a huge malodorous weight being lifted from my mind. When you dismiss one mythical fantastical entity, you then wire into the rest of the nonsense. The blade fell swiftly on santa, astrology, easter, xmas, tarot, ghosts, conspiracy theories as a whole. Refreshing. I wish I had done it sooner, but such is the imprinting and power of religious indoctrination.

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