Halloween Isn’t Mentioned In The Bible.

But, Halloween was used by Christians to celebrate what they call All Saints Day, so no, it technically isn’t forbidden if you celebrate the way they say too. Unfortunately, their celebration is very lame, it’s much funner to trick or treat, and dress up as the Druids did. I don’t see why it would matter anymore than putting up a Christmas tree though, after all, most Christians celebrate Christmas with the old pagan traditions.

It isn’t mentioned in the bible, because it was a much later festival. Halloween 2021 It is not something really christian however, simply the post-modern, secular, and certainly not christian version of a catholic festival, that in itself was never biblically christian, and owed much to pagan beliefs and practices.

Ostensibly Hallow e’ en was the evening before All Saints Day, (Hallows being an old English term for saints); but biblical christianity has no practice of ceremonies in honour of dead saints whatsoever- as in many other cases, the Catholic church took pre-existing pagan beliefs and practices, and whitewashed them with A VERY THIN coat of white paint!

Still- Jesus came that we may have life and life more abundantly, and wasn’t against parties or having fun- just immoral or riotous or occult practices that some people incorporate into their idea of having fun. The whole modern practice of Halloween however owes more to the practices and beliefs of the heathen festival of Samhain, than to anything christian, and in fact, it’s just the catholic version of Samhain, which the catholics never quite managed to airbrush free from its heathen antecedents. (I’m not sure they tried too hard!

14I am planning to visit you In late October. But I still won’t make a burden of myself. What I really want is you, and not what you have. Children are not supposed to save up for their parents, but parents are supposed to take care of their children and buy them Halloween costumes. 15So I will gladly give all I have and all I am, if you come to my house dressed up as something scary or cute. Will you love me less for loving you too much? 16You agree that I wasn’t a burden to you. Maybe that’s because I was trying to catch you off guard and trick or treat with you.

Paganism (and by extension those takes on Christianity that define Jesus as God) is forbidden in the Jewish Bible. However it is highly doubtful that the current candy and costume take on Halloween could be called paganism.

For Jews specifically there is also a Biblical requirement to retain a separate identity and not have the holidays of the peoples around them. Halloween 2021 The parameters of this are a bit vague, so something like turkey day (Thanksgiving), which seems fairly neutral, might not be as much of a problem, but costume day (Halloween) and painted egg day (Easter) which definitely have religious overtones is definitely a problem

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