Halloween Is A Tradition That Started Long After The Bible Was Written.

Don’t take that to mean there is or is not a problem with it. It is adiaphora (neither commanded nor forbidden) to goof off on what has evolved into a fully secular holiday. You can celebrate it, ignore it, or, as I do, play creepy music during the day and then settle down at night to listen to something either about the Reformation or just something extremely Lutheran (Reformation Day and Halloween are the same day … more or less coincidentally).

The Bible does not mention Halloween per se as this was a later man-made custom. Halloween 2021 The fact that children etc. dress as witches and devils or whatever makes it evil and a sad, depressing custom which does not honour God in the least but points directly at pleasing the devil. It seems like an innocent custom but it certainly is anything but that. If you play with fire you will be burned. Why must you temp or honour or even worship the devil and his evil spirits?

Nothing. The Holiday was not invented until long after Christianity was founded by the Christian Church as All Saints Evening, the evening before All Saints Day so trying to find anything in the Bible about it at all is just not there. There are plenty of places about remembering the ancestors and those who have gone before and the great cloud of witnesses in the book of Hebrews.

The American Halloween Traditions come mainly from the Irish and their celebration of All Saints day. All Saints day is a Christian holiday which is Novemeber 1 in the West and the first Sunday after Pentecost in the East. The Bible is silent on this as the celebration and the local variations developed in the 4th/5th century and later. You might as well as ask “what does the Bible say about celebrating Thanksgiving”.

Don’t dabble in witchcraft.There are many Bible verses which forbid witchcraft, sorcery, divining.I dabbled in ouija boards on the 31st October 1985 at uni and I became schizophrenic.I heard voices and saw weird things.I tried to commit suicide on the railroad track 4 years later BUT God saved me.I am a Christian now and I wish I had read and studied the Bible thoroughly at uni.

The bible does not say anything about Halloween 2021 . I’m quite sure that the writers had no knowledge of the holiday, so would have no reason to mention it. The Romans that encountered the Celtic and Gaelic tribes may have known of it, but I’m sure they paid little attention to it.

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