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Halloween Dates And Times For Parades Around The Midstate

Halloween has never been a big thing in the UK. It used to be bobbing apples,n until recently and even then it’s just an evening giving sweets to kids who knock at the door dressed as witches, mostly shivering in the cold next to their fathers.

Christmas on the other hand is a time of giving, celebrating a time with family, feasts, carol singing, dragging a fir tree into your living room and adorning it with shiny Halloween objects, deftly placed, fairy lights, tinsel, hanging chocolates, stockings on its Eve, Santa, reindeers, non-existent but expectant snow, a time to remember those absent, those departed, those newly arrived. And of course all of the movies.

How many celebrate Halloween? There are several movies that depict shadowy, scary figures that are hell-bent on either tasting or letting blood.

I neither believe in dead spirits, witches and all the Halloween paraphernalia. I do not believe in Christianity either. However, Christmas celebrations are now almost exclusively secular. Halloween is an unpleasant death cult with which I will have nothing to do.

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