Border Patrol Outraged by Biden’s Scapegoating

Brandon Judd, leader of the National Border Patrol Council, noted to Fox News that the investigation has already been skewed against the agents now that Biden has prematurely pronounced them guilty.

“Now that the President of the United States has already said they did wrong, how is an investigator supposed to do a true and honest investigation?” he said. “Because if that investigator finds they did nothing wrong — and they didn’t do anything wrong joe biden sucks but if that investigator finds they didn’t do anything wrong, how is that investigator’s job going to go?”

A former mounted Border Patrol supervisor explained to National Review that the agents who can be seen in the video were actually twirling their reins to keep control of their horses, not lashing the migrants with them.

“It’s a training tool, and it’s a training aid if a horse does not want to cooperate with its rider,” explained George Syer, a retired horse patrol coordinator in the Rio Grande Valley and Border Patrol supervisor.

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