full moon bbq


That moment when you realize you haven’t blogged in awhile, but you have sooooooo much to write so you continue NOT blogging because at this point it’s easier. Yep, story of my week. 

In the interest of time we will just chronologically mini-blog my week: 

Sunday Afternoon 3-25-15: TeamML6 met up at the Downtown Rescue Mission to20150329_185654 feed the homeless. We had a great time giving back. Growing TeamML6 with Micha Logan is definitely a important part of my life right now. 


Sunday night I raced down to Birmingham with my bro Swann & my boy Chris to the rapper J.Cole show. He put on a amazing show, it’s great to see an artist that still cares about making music and how his music is presented to an audience. He performed his entire platinum certified album. There was a great mixed crowd in the house. Black, White, Asian, and whatever else was all in there together going crazy! 

Monday 3-30-15: RunHSV was crazy successful this past Monday night. We had 42 people show up to our first meet-up. Going into the event I tried not to think about how many people would show up. Numbers like that will stress you out. So early afternoon that Monday I just took a stroll thru Providence and sent my prayers up. Control what you can control, let God do the rest. CLICK HERE to read about the RunHSV event. 

DSC_5973The body portion of RunHSV was great. The trainers did a good job of keeping us active. We hit some cardio and jogged a quarter mile. The soul portion was great too, we collected and donated 83 canned goods. I did the “mind” portion of the night and I spoke on the difference between Motivation & Inspiration. I challenged everyone to live an inspired life versus a motivated one. Motivation sends you up, then you come back down to get motivated again. Inspiration is in you core, it is deep in your heart. To live an inspired life is to live a full life. 

20150331_132010Tuesday 3-31-15: Yeah….well….ummm Tuesday is a bit of a blur to me. I think I spent half the day basking in Monday and the other half day prepping for Wednesday. Tuesday morning I got up with my bro Trey and delivered the canned goods from the RunHSV event, to the Food Bank of North Alabama. We did have soccer practice that night and it was rough but ended well. The girls brought NO energy to practice. Heck I had my own daughter running laps cause she didn’t want to try her hardest. I told my team I am not concerned with wins and losses. I am concerned with how much effort you give. Your effort is what you can control. If another team is more skilled or more athletic that’s one thing; or even if a more seasoned coach out-coaches me. I will not accept not giving 100% though. I can’t let these young ladies get away with that. Not at this stage of their lives. They are headed into a very important pre-teen stage of development. As their coach I have a responsibility to help them in life and on the ball field. 

20150401_104931Wednesday 4-1-15: No fooling around this April. I’m in work mode! Wednesday I was at the UAHExpo. All these local businesses and creative thinkers and artists gathered together to network and display our services. Just looked at this “All Gold” human art exhibit. This girl is absolutely amazing sitting still, frozen. I couldn’t do it….she only moved when she received a tip. Random things like this fascinate me.

I was there on behalf of Lowe Mill. The crazy thing is that I ended up being onstage, mic in hand, announcing raffle ticket winners. 20150401_112313 How that happened I have no idea. It was offered to me because of my smile and “gift of gab” LOL!  

By far the funniest things was these sweet ladies from the Huntsville Feminist Chorus. These ladies took the stage to sing a couple songs and I noticed they had a banner sign with the words “Helping Women to Make a Joyful Noise since 1993”. 20150401_111450I cried laughing. The jokes are too easy on this one. Who signed off on that slogan…..a teenage boy? I had to take the photo while the ladies performed. I wasn’t trying to be rude, I waited until someone else took a selfie first. But when I tell you the jokes were awesome. I had to recite them to myself because I didn’t have anyone near me to laugh with!

After the UAHExpo I headed back to finish working at Lowe Mill, then went to the ball field cause the GoKickball City league started up! I am in training to be a ref but I think I’m going to play instead. Standing there calling outs was tougher than I thought to be honest but really I just missed being in the outfield catching balls LOL! 

Thursday 4-2-15: Job Interview in Birmingham, AL. I crushed the interview no lie. The best thing about this job is the time factor. I’ll be able to work on my own for the most part. The first month will be some training and travel but after that I get to do my own thing. I don’t have an offer letter but as far as an interview, I knocked it out the park and that was my second one. Sounds promising. 

After that I stopped by Full Moon BBQ in Birmingham. I am a connoisseur of BBQ and I had yet to try Full Moon. My immediate thoughts are that the sauce isn’t as good as20150402_124447 Jim N Nicks or Dreamland in Tuscaloosa but the meat was on point! I had the half chicken and 2 rib bones with fries and baked beans and of course a large sweet tea. I still have some chicken, a rib and some baked beans left for tomorrow. You have to see how it is on day 2. That’s a very important part of the food opinion business. How do the leftovers taste? 

It’s 11:53pm now on Thursday. I’m on the couch watching ESPN. I have given you all of me and I still have more to say. Right now it feels like Shaq is planking on my eyebrows. There’s an awkward mental picture for you. 

What I love about writing is the ability to pour your thoughts out. It’s not even about who reads….the therapeutic part is the minute I hit post.  Time to hit the pillow….we”ll see what Friday brings.