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NO MA’AM ……….. NO SIR…………… I will NOT go thru another writer’s block !!!!!!!!!! 

I have nothing to say in this post other than I am forcing myself up out of writer’s block. Been trying to put up a post all week. I have like 8 posts saved to my drafts…each of them unfinished…and not really where I need them to be in the “published” process. I’m not deleting them though because they are works in process. 

It’s like Jay Z in the studio. You have probably heard the infamous stories about Jay not writing down his lyrics. He goes in and vibes to the beat, lets it stew within, then when he has the concept of the song in his head he cuts on the microphone and goes to work. But if you notice on the Fade To Black movie he has alot of “extra verses”, adlibs, mumblings, and everything else going on before the finished product. So think of my saved drafts as that. Pieces and excerpts that I may revisit later before I actually publish my song, aka complete a blog post. 

It’s 11:50pm on a Friday night. I’m home with my kids; Maya (9), Tyler (6), and Kayden (4). We watched the muppets movie and ate Domino’s pizza with the cinnastix. (had nothing else to say.. so I described my night)

It’s now 12:58 am and I just got off an hour long phone call with my pastor, Pastor AD (All Nations Christian Center). He’s one of the hardest working people in the city, with a growing ministry, so for him to hit my phone just to tell me that he sees what I’m doing with RunHSV, TeamML6, and Unknown Lyric and just wants me to continue putting in the hard work and dedication, I salute him for that.  

That was a run-on sentence and I don’t have the energy to fix it. It’s 1:11 am. I’m out! 


Maya has a soccer game tomorrow morning at 8:30 am. I said that like I’m not the head coach of the team. Like I was just going to drop her off or something. Coach Tee will be in full effect in a little over 7 hours. Really I’m up studying 9 &10 year old soccer on youtube to help me be better at a foreign sport. Basketball check, football double check, soccer…triple UNcheck. I need some sleep. Thanks internet. 

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