Trick Or Treating Set For Halloween, And Here’s Why That’s News

Alright so personally, Halloween is when u get to wear the stuff you want to wear out, but don’t feel comfy enough in everyday society to do so. That being said, “vintage” is very popular now and welcomed so you’d most likely be able to wear that type of clothing any day without feeling like an outlier. Steampunk style is also becoming popular again but ofc it’s tuned down a bit. If you wanna go with corsets and fun skirts, straps and such then go with steampunk (which looks really cool) or if u wanna bust out the bell bottoms, low waisted jeans, velvet sweatsuits, neon leggings/windbreaker (not sure how vintage u tryna be) then go with vintage- pretty much comes down to that

The costumes were black sweats with white duct tape stripes, so that once Halloween was over the girls could still use the sweats. My husband and I made the tails from felt, stuffing and Romex. There was a hose at the base of each tail, attached to a can of compressed air in the pockets of their sweatshirts, so they could “spray” like skunks. They won the “best group” award at our town’s Halloween party.

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