The Only Thing We Have In Common Is That We Don’t Believe Gods Exist.

So it depends what you mean by “celebrate” Christmas. I know atheists who enjoy going Christmas caroling, for instance, or even going to church for the ceremonial spectacle. I don’t.

The question seems to presuppose that atheists who “celebrate Christmas” are doing something religious, thus contradicting their atheism. Christmas 2021 Observed Holiday For me, though, there’s nothing remotely religious about Christmas. Most of what I see people doing at that time of year is pretty secular stuff: buying things and selling things and giving things; eating an inordinate amount of food, especially rich food; and expending a lot of time, money, and energy battling crowds on planes, trains, and highways to squeeze in visits with family and friends they could just as easily visit some other time of year. (Sure, a lot of those people are also going to church or observing other religious traditions. But Christmas isn’t the only time people do religious-y things, and those religious-y things have no more meaning for me at Christmas than at any other time of the year.).

Personally, I “do” Christmas only because it’s fun for the kids in the family. As soon as they’re old enough for that ooh-what-toys-are-under-the-tree-for-me thrill to fade, I’ll happily start ignoring Christmas the same way I do every other “holy day.”.

There is one thing about Christmas I do “celebrate,” however: It gets me a day or two off from work! That’s noteworthy, because it’s the only “holy day” holiday that does so. For me, the others are like another big Christian holiday, Easter: The only effect it has on my life (I get Sundays off regardless) is finding that some normally open shops or businesses are closed in observance.

Somewhat strange question. Why should we assume that, say, a Muslim or a Hindu, would be more willing to celebrate Christmas? Christmas 2021 Australia , if that level of detail is important, then what about the possibly different reasons e.g. a Buddhists may have from a materialist for (not) celebrating Christmas? IMO a better wording would be.
It is an official holiday, so what would you do about that? Be an a-hole and refuse to celebrate? What for? The celebration isn’t religious anyway. Even those who go to Church (I too go once in a while), do it more for fun rather than as a real ritual. Or may be create a social movement to ban Christmas again? And lose the official holidays

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