It’s Not Unique To Atheists And Christmas.

In early Medieval Cairo, before the Crusades spoiled relations between Muslims and Christians, it was quite common for the holidays of each religion to be celebrated by everybody regardless of which faith they belonged to. Valentine’s Day is a significant holiday in Japan despite less than 3% of Japanese being Christian and having the slightest interest in St. Valentine.

Atheists who celebrate Christmas have inherited it as part of our culture. Christmas 2021 Observed And it is very much something which is part of the general culture rather than a religious observance. There’s very little Christian about the trees and the mad rush of shopping and the particular image of Santa as a jolly old man in a red fur suit. Indeed, there are any number of nominal Christians who celebrate Christmas as an essentially secular festival or who make a nominal pilgrimage to church but beyond an hour or so of doing their duty move on to the feasting and the parties and the presents. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy getting (or giving) presents and having a few days off, so that’s what we do.

Because it is a welcoming break and festivities in the long, dark and cold Norwegian winter. And here in Norway we celebrate JUL (Yule), which is the pre christian term for mid winter festivities. The references to chirstianity present in today’s celebrations is seen as kind of cute; an homage to the belief systems of our forefathers. As is the Yule drinking and eating traditions that point to a pre chistian tradition. It doesn’t bother us at all.

You don’t need to believe in gods to appreciate traditions, Christmas 2021 Nsw celebrate with family and strengthen social bonds. Most of the atheists in the nordic countries did not start out as theists. We were raised in a society where gods are not really something most of us believe in, and the need to demonstrate an opposition against all things that point towards christian tales feels kind of strange. It is part of our history as is the older juleblot (the mid winter offerings). They both are part our old traditions, but not neccesserily our believes. And it all brings perspectives and roots to the celebrations.

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