The answer may not be as simple of choosing not to send them back to school.

The concert is for teens to concentrate on their studies and get through this year with the adjustment to online courses. You all have enough sense and experience with life over the last month that the most important question of reopening school is not the priority. back to school shirts covid It is making it a safe place for you to attend school. to keep people safe and healthy. At the moment there is no place in the world where that can be done. STAY HOME, WASH YOUR HANDS, until the government issues the order that it is ok to reopen businesses fully and that we can physically gather together without restrictions. The more you STAY HOME the quicker we get back to our usual routines.

Let me check my crystal ball … In China they are finding asymptomatic individuals in Wuhan as we speak. The problem is, we don’t know that having antibodies means that you CAN NOT pass on the disease. Unless we can be certain that those with antibodies actually ARE “safe”, the decision will rest on the politics of the issue, more than on science.

with this scenario, in order not to run afoul of truancy laws, the parent would have to have an approved home school program, and demonstrate that the program is being followed. The question is still can the parent afford to stay home with the kid or have child care.

Second scenario is child is high risk but school is not offering an option for distance learning. one could argue they would have to for high risk children but finding a home school program would probably be best but the question remains can the parent afford to stay home or provide child care.

The finial scenario is if the school offers a choice, cute shirts for back to school well that might be the easiest one to make a decision bit the question remains can the parent afford to stay home or provide child care.

So I hope people fully consider the scenarios before they just cavalierly say I am not sending by child back.

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