l when school becomes the path of least resistance

I’m in Pennsylvania, and we’ve seen a slight uptick in COVID-19 cases over the last two weeks. Not nearly as many as Texas, Arizona, and Florida, but enough that I’m concerned.

We’ve still got two month’s before school starts, though, back to school shirt ideas 2021 and that’s enough time to get things under control again. If the infection rate is lower by September, and trending downwards, then we’ll probably take the risk.

Obviously it would be painful to keep the kids out of school, but there are indications of serious long-term health effects even among people who have only mild symptoms. We’ve survived the past few months, and it seems foolish at this point to throw all that effort away and risk long term health effects when we could stick it out for a few more months and hope for a vaccine.

Universities are a terrible place for the directionless. If you don’t care about money because you have trust fund or something then do as you will, but if you don’t care about money because you share the American aversion to financial planning and to understanding your actual income prospects than find something interesting to do that at least won’t sink you into serious debt.

You should return to school when your gut and your head are both telling you that’s what you want do and that you’re ready to do it. You should not simply decide to return to school when school becomes the path of least resistance or you think you should do so. back to school shirt You have to determine that you won’t be the complete sort of person you wish to become without more schooling. Possibly this will happen for you, as it did for me, when you’ve tried a series of dead-end jobs providing you with neither satisfaction nor money, despite your best efforts to do a good job.

School is not, generally, an end in itself. Rather, it represents the next step in the path of discovery. You should not merely attend school, you should determine to completely be there, putting you whole self into the experience and the learning. If you do this, you will find school meeting your educational, personal, and psychic goals. And it becomes fun.

For me it was to pursue an overdue dream. It was actually my Mom who inspired me to become a nurse. She always told me it was a shame I worked in a laboratory when I was so interested in helping people. She thought I should have been a nurse since I was always taking care of family members (including her) and she thought I had a natural calming effect on people in distress. When the opportunity presented itself to retire early I enrolled in Nursing School. It was the best decision I ever made! I love my work and am challenged every day to learn and grow in my profession.

I believe the decision to return to the classroom should be made based on what you feel you can still accomplish in life. cute shirts for back to school Another good reason is to explore new ideas and broaden your knowledge. The worst reason to further your education is to be trained at something you have no passion for. You’ll regret having to study, feel like you wasted your money, and end up hating a job you’re tied to due to student debts.

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