If You Go Just As A Women Then You Look Like You Are Just Cross Dressing For Halloween

Don’t dress as a woman. Dress as a women in a costume. If you wear a female costume now you are in a costume and crossdesssing.leafs to less questions also. Trust me I have done both.

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The first time that I crossdressed was in 1996. I dressed as a hooker and my wife dressed as my pimp. I had on a short dress where my ass cheeks showed, lace top thigh high stockings, red lace panties, a bra with silicone boobs, 4″ stiletto heels, red lipstick, and a wig. I had my fiingernails and toenails painted brite red. I carried a red purse that my wife wrote on, it said two bit whore, Blow Jobs and Ass a little bit more. We went to a party at a casino and I had many offers that night. My wife wore a purple suit with a Panama hat.

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I go dressed as a woman every year, but i go in different outfits every day for the three straight days of the weekend. different clothes, different shoes, different jewelry, and different hair color. Now that is going in costume and soothing my crossdressing for three full different looks, make-up and all. Kisses Paula

For another, form two lines again with an equal number of people. Give each person a toothpick. Have a roll of lifesavers. Give the first people in line on each team a life saver. They put the toothpick in their mouth and the lifesaver on the toothpick. Everyone has to put their hands behind their back. On the count of three, the people with the lifesaver turn and try to transfer the lifesaver onto the toothpick in the mouth of the person behind them. The first team to get the lifesaver on the last person’s toothpick wins.

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Do a cupcake or cake walk. Put numbers on construction paper and tape them to the floor in a circle. Place each paper a comfortable step apart. Play scary music for varying lengths of time while people walk the circle. Have a bowl with small pieces of paper with the same numbers you taped to the floor. Draw a paper and announce which number wins a cake or cupcake. Keep doing this until you run out of cakes or cupcakes.

Have someone draw a witch on a poster board. Tape this to a wall. Using tan construction paper, cut out rough circles that will be warts. People are blindfolded, given a “wart” with double stick tape attached, spun three times and attempt to get the wart on the tip of the large nose. The one who gets the closest wins. You can write people’s names on the warts if needed.

Get six black plastic spiders that are good sized and fairly heavy. Get a medium sized plastic trick or treating pumpkin with the hole in the top. Halloween 2021 Remove the handle or put it out of the way. Place the pumpkin on a table and make a line on the floor to stand behind with masking tape. Give a prize to the person who can toss the most spiders in the bucket. Try it yourself to make sure it is a far enough distance to be challenging.

Maybe this is just a thing in my neighborhood, but where I live, it’s common for high school students to hand out candy in a special way.

Pretending to be statues with bowls of candy on our laps, and scaring the hell out of people.

Some people use Bleeding Scream costumes, with the mask and the long cape. Personally, I prefer a cloak I found in my mom’s closet. I wear black leggings and a black shirt, then sit perfectly still with the hood pulled over so you can’t see my face.

It’s really great scaring those kids who think the bowl is unattended and try to grab a handful.

If it’s skeleton costumes or things supernatural that they object to, maybe they would be willing to compromise. They let you celebrate Halloween as long as your costume doesn’t represent anything super natural. There are all kinds of creative things that you can do. Come up with something that won’t offend them and then sit down and talk.

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