As Far As Witches And Halloween, I’m Glad You Brought It Up, Because The Two Are Not Originally Linked

My son would then transform our yard into something like a Calvin and Hobbs cartoon. I’d buy bulk candy from Sam’s Club and on Halloween night I’d sit on the tailgate of my pickup truck and hand out candy. The kids called me the big guy with the big hands that held a lot of candy.

Of course Snickles would be right there with me greeting people. He loved attention from strangers. People told me we had the perfect Halloween yard with huge pumpkins and a friendly black cat.

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Each Halloween Snickles would get excited when he saw us preparing to greet the trick or treaters. He had a great long term memory and was always alert.

As for my Labrador I always had to tether him or he’d litterally take little kids candy away from them.

My current dog, a miniature Longhaired Dachshund went ballistic on her first Halloween. To her everything has to be in order and be just so. Halloween rocked her world. She did not belong to us at the time but we protected her by putting her in our house until things died down. Later I was to learn that she is one of the most adaptable dogs I’ve ever owned.

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My current crop of semi-feral cats hate anything out of the ordinary and adapt to it by hiding, then coming out later after the coast is clear. They are excellent cats, just wild by nature.

We no longer do Halloween. My son has moved out a few years ago and the price of candy skyrocketed even bulk candy.

Samhain, the end of summer, as evidenced by leaves starting to drop heavily, the nights becoming darker still. Is the last season on the wheel of the year. It is also considered to be when the veil between the living and dead is thinnest. Christians call it All Hallows eve ( Halloween) . Pagans view it as their New Years Eve. It is appropriation from the point of view, it is used by non Pagans as a fun time to dress up and play silly games, ask strangers for sweets and pelt their homes with eggs if they disoblige.

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Well first off, cultural appropriation is racist because it tells someone that they cannot do something because they are not the right race and that is racist.

The word witch just means wise woman and was directed to women in the European tribes that existed before Charlemagne and the Catholic Church united all of Europe in the 800s.

These older women of the European tribes were the herbalists and doctors of the tribes and, as such, held great esteem from all the tribe members and had a sort of power position within the tribes. The Catholic Church, when they were trying to take over all of Europe and make everyone Catholic correctly deemed that these “wise women” would be a threat to their efforts, so they started a smear campaign on these women because in order to control the tribes, these women had to be controlled/ gotten rid of. And so they blamed them and took them and murdered them and said these women were evil so they could get away with it.

So the Halloween witches we see today were actually just older women who had lived long enough to learn a great deal about herbs and healing and they halloween 2021 would wear pointy hats because pointy hats are easiest to make (one piece of cloth rolled into a cone) and lots of people wore them then.

And they would wear black because most clothing at the time (unless you were royal) came in browns and greys and dark greys that looked black and most people didn’t wash their clothes all that much so the clothing also got dark from dirt.

And the witches, like everyone else also had brooms to clean their homes and it was just fanciful reputation smearing that people created lies that they flew on these brooms and harmed people.

And the witches would have large crooked noses because everyone’s nose gets larger as we age and these women were actually, for their time, very healthy for their age because they were still alive.

Most people did not make it to the age of the “witches” / Wise women who knew about healing with herbs etc. And their advanced age is also the reason why they had greenish skin. The skin became thick and tanned with age so became a dark greenish yellow, especially in women who already had olive toned skin to start with.

So today’s Halloween witch is just a myth centered on older women herbalists who the Catholic Church wanted to get rid of so they could take control of all the tribe members under Catholicism and get everyone to over breed(the church also stole the info to birth control methods) and tithe 10% to their “Catholic Church corporation” so all the royals and landed gentry and clergy would not have to actually work for a living like everyone else.

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