Halloween Was Not Mentioned In The Bible.

But the simple fact is, the Bible says nothing whatsoever about any Gaelic or Celtic festivals, and even less about attempting to Christianize such festivals.

Was it wrong for the RC church to try to replace or rewrite, rather than to eradicate pagan festivals? It’s hard to say; it was a judgement call, based in large part on information we no longer possess.

More than a few of Martin Luther’s hymn tunes came from bar songs. Halloween 2021 Was that wrong?

Some believers seem to think that they can remove the taint of sin from this, or from that. But the fact is, a fact both Christ and the Apostle Paul made very, very clear, is that we live in a world in which nothing, or almost nothing, is untainted by sin. The Apostle John wrote if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us (1 John 1:8 ESV).

Ultimately, trying to escape the taint of sin around us is futile, since we can not escape the taint of sin within us. We can confess. We can repent. We can receive grace. But until we die and are made new, we can not escape sin.

Still, people have to make decisions about how they and their families should behave. Our family made the decision to not celebrate Halloween, nor to have gifts from “Santa Claus”. We didn’t condemn others who did celebrate it; we even had candy at the door. But we didn’t do it, not because of roots in Samhain or Saturnalia, but because the practices we say today– not 1,000 years ago– associated with Halloween or Santa Claus weren’t ones we chose to participate in. But researching the origins of such you will find that Nimrod invented the celebration to honor all those who died in the flood.

The kjv doesn’t actually support pagan holidays, don’t be like the heathens, don’t be like the gentiles, …

Follow God more then tradition, with that being said, we can have some traditions, don’t make these above God in any way, …

Like birthday’s, their fine, but you guys make it all about me me, mine mine, lol.

Like that cartoon with daffy duck I think, lol.

Christmas isn’t actually about Jesus either, people say He wasn’t even born then, more closer to Easter, which still isn’t about Jesus, it’s a pagan holiday with a dark secret.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, for they refuse knowledge, paraphrased, …

If we start to look into where these holidays came from, I mean actually look, they come from something else …

As for Halloween 2021, I do celebrate Martin Luther’s posting of his 98 theses.

That was a dark time for the church for everyone to find out the truth of their time, which was pretty scary.

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