Halloween Dinosaur T Rex Mummy Trick or Treating Boys T-Shirt

Lately I’ve been less active in making costumes and participating in the events I love, and it feels amazing to be reconnecting to that practice.

I took a break from participating in a lot of the activities and design I love and from a lot of my usual costume design schedule for 2 of the last 11 years, while I was recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Including the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, and the Village Halloween Parade, and Dinner En Blanc, and over the top NYE and Christmas event hijinks, and so many other wonderful and variable things throughout the year.

Halloween Dinosaur T Rex Mummy Trick or Treating Boys T-Shirt

Now that I’m feeling increasingly better I’m so excited to get back to all of this fun little by little as it becomes possible.

Last night I made the decision to attend a free local end of summer tropical theme party at the last minute. I took an hour or so to put together a costume from components of other costumes I had in the house.

Although I’ve altered and worn existing costumes while sick, this was one of my first new designs that I made/curated myself and managed to get out successfully in, since quite a long time ago.

And yes, I curated it from my own items, and it was fast: but the whole thing was fantastic.

I added a hand-painted corset from my hand painted hand designed Alice costumes, a plain but vivid green skirt, my lights from my Christmas tree costume (so I could light up), a Lei my dog recently wore to a dog luau, and a gold star pinned in my hair that I sliced off of a trending t-shirt Christmas tree topper with pliers and attached to my hair with Bobby pins. And long hanging flower earrings (vintage).

I’m definitely feeling ready to get back to making new and much more elaborate costumes.

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