Tee on Tuesdays is my weekly post that’s supposed to go live each Tuesday at 10am. This week’s entry is posted 48 hours late because I forgot to set the scheduler on the post,…so it’s been sitting in draft mode LOL! Also special thanks to Cece for the reminder text!

For this installment of “Tee on Tuesdays” let’s talk about conversation, discussions, being nosey, being curious, etc…. Here’s my transparency and it’s not anything I don’t think isn’t already understood about me; I’m a talker and I am becoming a better listener. I enjoy conversation probably more than most people. I enjoy getting to know people. People fascinate me. Nobody’s the same, everybody’s story is different. 

I’ve always enjoyed casual conversation. Where are you from? How’d you grow up? Who are your folks (for all my southerners)? Are you from here? When was the grand plan when you were growing up? What are you doing now? I can go on and on. 

Personally I don’t see anything wrong with asking questions. How else am I (or anybody else) supposed to get to know someone? Now I don’t drill you with 50 questions in a row; and if I do that trust me it isn’t on purpose. I ask questions to create a conversation. If I ask you where you went to school or what was your major, doesn’t it make since to say “what about you” after you answer me? I’ll answer and then we have the building blocks to a healthy conversation. If nothing else, It’s common courtesy. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t hold return conversation then of course I’m going to sound like the nosiest person in the world.  

This post stems from a couple opposite encounters I’ve had the last couple weeks about me asking questions or my conversation style. One person who at one point in life I would’ve considered a friend, went completely cold and defensive and questioned what was up my sleeve or what was my motive. The other person randomly thanked me for being a guy willing to carry on a decent conversation with a female that covered multiple topics and sex wasn’t one of them. Looking back, I don’t know what to make of either situation. I was simply trying to have a conversation. 

I don’t want to go into further detail on either of those cases but I will say in both instances my intentions were simply to have positive conversation and get to know the other person better. That’s it. Maybe I could use some conversation pointers. Maybe some tips or tricks would be helpful.  

Man I have so much to discuss. I can’t wait to write again. 

*** ⇑⇑ Ok so that was my unposted “Tee on Tuesday” article from 11/17/2015. Cleatly it’s unfinished but I’m not going back in scheduled time to fix this mess LOL….I’ll do better next week****