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1:07 am 

Daylight Savings time got my head so messed up. We go forward an hour and I can’t tell you if that helped or hurt me LOL. 

So late last night (24 hours ago) I put up a new picture of me on Facebook. It actually wasn’t done on purpose. I changed all my social media icons to the same updated picture and I guess FB posted it to my wall as well. Well can you believe 102 people and counting have hit the like button?!?!? I’m not Kevin Hart or nobody that gets 10000 “likes” on every single post. So for me to get 100 people liking one thing, and that being a picture of me, is easily the highlight of my 2015 thus far. 

Now that I have 102 people’s attention, I need to figure out how to keep it and ultimately turn that into something that puts food on my kids table. Which brings me to my next point. Purpose. 

Purpose is such a enigmatic word to a person that has an entrepreneurs heart. From the outside, people judge you by saying “Oh he just don’t wanna work for nobody” …but from the inside all my entrepreneurs, dreamers and creators know that you CAN’T simply work for anybody if that doesn’t involve YOU walking in YOUR purpose. I mean, yes you can as in you can physically be in attendance at a job yes. But you can’t work for anybody because the whole time you are there, there is a burning inside of you that your dreams are dying, your purpose is unrealized, while your working everyday to build someone else’s. So what happens is you have that classic scene in Jerry Maguire where your back is against the wall and you decide to just set off blazing your own trail. Except the movies isn’t real….life is real. Bills are real. Debt is real. So you get scared and you convince yourself to stay on that job a little while longer. 

The best thing that could have happened to me was not being at LG anymore. Gone is the cushy cubicle job. Security blanket snatched out from under me. Now I am forced to reexamine the fiber and fabric of who I am. DAILY. What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What do I enjoy most in life? What do I work hard at? I mean really truly work at…where do I apply myself at, not just do enough to get by…..what do I truly give effort in doing? What can I learn from past failures? These are not light questions. If you feel uncomfortable reading them, imagine how I feel answering them. 

The answers to these questions and more were startling to say the least. Eye opening is another great adjective to describe the process. But I’m so blessed by it. That’s why I love this blog. I can document my journey and share my flaws as I’m on the way to my GREATER. 

In closing, I am almost there good people. I feel it, its right around the corner. Too many things are happening in my life right now. God I see you working homie! It’s our time. Ideas and creativity are flowing thru my veins again. Not only that but the bu$iness plan to support those ideas is coming to me as well. 

Okay…that’s enough…. my eyes getting heavy…it’s 1:41am…. peace. 


100 likes.... I'll take those gladly....and one day I'll do something to pay all 100 of you back!

100 likes…. I’ll take those gladly….and one day I’ll do something to pay all 100 of you back! Your kindness will be rewarded!