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This past weekend was big for me people…historic in more ways than one. I can’t give you everything, keeping a couple things under wraps but what I can say is that I attended the TEDxBirmingham conference (Technology, Entertainment, Design) and it was absolutely unbelievable. UNKNOWN LYRIC, the group I recently started working with was booked to perform at the conference. Yes they did phenomenal (more on that later), but imagine being in the same room as some of Birmingham Alabama’s sharpest minds in Tech, Entertainment and Design. I was pretty much in heaven. More networking than I have ever done in my life. I’m so pumped I wish I could type with the CAPS LOCK ON so you could see my excitement!! …I’m prepping emails to send to every single contact I made. I told God I was at the conference for a reason and I am going to do my part across the board until HE reveals HIS will for me. 


So here’s the story of this picture. The entire conference had been dismissed for lunch break and me being the ever opportunist I ran down to the stage, tossed my phone to a stagehand, got this pic on the 2nd try….and ran back out into the lunch area just in time to find a Chipotle Chicken wrap and fruit cup with my name on it.

20150228_124308 One of my two favorite pictures from the weekend. I’ll probably end up framing this pic. This is the first picture that was taken of Unknown Lyric and I. I’m blessed to be apart of this team. I’m excited about their 2015 and I am thankful I get to play a role in it. 

This weekend was confirmation that I’m on the correct road. All things are currently working together. I’ll take my bumps and bruises, they are what’s shaping me into who I am currently becoming.

There is absolutely no room for negativity in my life anymore. The picture is becoming clearer each day in my life and it’s a beautiful feeling. So I’m just going to continue running this race to the best of my ability.



UNKNOWN LYRIC, Kevin (violin) & Jeremiah (guitar).   Special thanks to Ryan Felton for accompanying UL on drums.



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