‘Yellowstone’ Episode 7 Recap: Political War Wages Within the Dutton Family

f Jamie wasn’t already the black sheep of the Dutton family, he will be now after John and Beth’s betrayal seen in the latest episode of Yellowstone.

Relationship dynamics are explored within Season 4 Episode 7 “Keep The Wolves Close.” Some bury the hatchet, some fall apart, and two characters are faced with some of the most blatant flirting ever seen on television.

We spend more time with Jimmy on the 6666 ranch in Texas meeting new characters, Beth’s new job turns out to be a poisoned chalice, and Lloyd makes amends.

Jamie Dutton continues to spend time with his birth father Garrett Randall, along with Christina and his new son, but Garrett has bigger ambitions for Jamie. He asks Christina to help him convince Jamie to return to politics, this time running for Governor.

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