Why Most of People Don’t Like Him and Call him “Joeflation”

Joe Biden is a big topic in the media, and there seem to be two different types of people: those who like him and support him, and those who don’t. Joeflation – Joe Biden’s nickname given by his political opponents – is not liked by most people because they think he has too much baggage (he was involved in an extramarital affair with a White House staffer) or that he just doesn’t have good ideas for how to lead America. Joeflation can be seen as many things: incompetent, untrustworthy, corruptible. I am anti-Biden myself because I do not believe that Democrats should nominate such a flawed candidate for president.”

Some reasons why they do not like Joe Biden

1. They don’t believe he is the right person for 2020

2. He has too much baggage from his past to be a viable candidate

3. He’s not charismatic enough to inspire voters

4. His positions on certain issues are too weak

5. The media has turned him into an easy target, and they’re attacking everything about him 

6. Biden doesn’t have the same appeal as Obama had in 2008

Some people say that this person looks like somebody from the past, and others claim that Joe Biden cannot be called “Joe” because he does not look anything like an average American man as his name suggests.

In addition to all those things, it’s worth noting Joeflations – something abnormal happened in America during Obama administration when Joe Biden was Vice President of USA: prices somehow fell despite growing inflation rate which reached 12% already at 2013 QI ( Quarter Inventory). This doesn’t make any sense! The explanation behind Joeflation could be found just three years later by a famous economic blogger who described what happened back then with US economy.

Joe Biden is an old-school politician who does not appeal to the younger generation. The main point of this blog post was that people are starting to think he has too much baggage and should retire from politics, but it’s unclear if his candidacy will be successful or not in 2020. He may have a following among older generations, but millennials seem less interested in him because they’re looking for someone new with fewer scandals attached to them.

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