My Hero Academia Season 6 Visual Hints at All-Out War

The first official visuals for the sixth season of My Hero Academia have been released, highlighting the “all-out war” that is on the horizon.

The new visuals showcase series protagonist Izuku Midoriya and antagonist Shigaraki Tomura, both of which have an intense look on their face. The central tagline that accompanied the visual reads “All-out war draws near,” with Deku stating “I’ll give everything I have to stop you,” with Shigaraki replying “I’ll just break it.”

The new visual hints at the upcoming big battles to come in the highly anticipated sixth season of the series. No official release date for the season has been confirmed, but with new visuals beginning to drop, it’s likely only a matter of time before we find out when the series will resume. Currently, all 113 episodes of the anime are available to stream in both subbed and dubbed formats on Funimation for those looking to catch up.

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