If Christmas Is About The Birth Of Jesus Christ, After That Why Do Atheists Still Commemorate It?

Any person that celebrates December 25 as the birth of Jesus Christ is wrong. It was not the day of his birth. I don’t feel like writing out a novel concerning the increase of Emperor Constantine, appropriating the Winter season Solstice from the Pagans, and all that, due to the fact that I’m intoxicated, and also I’m lazy. All you need to know is that Xmas Day is not Jesus’ birthday.

Okay Christmas Day 2021 Observed since that’s out the way, why do I, as an atheist, celebrate a Christian vacation? Since Christmas has actually never had to do with Christ, for me or my household, even when I was Christian as a youngster.

To me, Christmas has actually constantly been about family. It’s the moment to be along with family and also close friends, share presents and also good times. It has to do with seeing your dad’s eyes open wide as he unpacks that Winnipeg Jets jacket you purchased months previously, recognizing his love of the team. It has to do with sitting around the table sharing stories while getting drunk on rum and eggnog. It has to do with being glad for having awesome people in your life.

Every person else says that Xmas is also– even mainly, as well as in some cases only– regarding custom, the household integrating, the delight of kids, comfort, gift-giving, joy and also happiness to mankind, completion of the year, excellent food, as well as some well-earned times off.

Except for stores, that claims that Christmas is about all the above, however actually indicate that Christmas has to do with selling things.

Provided the clues in the Holy bible– the lambs at the cradle, the guards sleeping with their group etc– it is much more likely that Jesus was birthed in the summer.

The logs, the trees and lots of other little bits of the modern-day Christmas stemmed with that said festival. And also they lined up with the Roman Saturnalia celebrations which also took place at the same time of year.

The Holy bible provides no schedule date for the birth of Christ. Christianity merely obtained the pre-existing celebration to celebrate the birth, and also Christiantity obtained an additional pagan celebration (Easter) to celebrate the fatality.

So, to be honest, Christmas Day 2021 Observed belongs to the pagans. The Christians simply swiped it.

There are midwinter celebrations in lots of other religious customs also. Since it’s a damn fine time for a party.

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