He Reached The Pick Up Point As Well As Needed To Wait Overnight To Be Filled, This Wasn’t Looking Excellent.

They lastly packed him at 10 am on Sunday morning. He called me as well as stated It does not look good for me coming back for supper. I am in Missouri as well as it’s gon na take me a whole day just to survive the following number of states as well as over the mountains. I probably will not strike the coastline until Tuesday night. I was still confident though as well as informed him so!

Turned out he was right, Thanksgiving Day 2021 he entered Cali Tues afternoon and it took him the majority of the day just to reach the shore. He rolled into his decline at twelve o’clock at night. They were folded naturally, so he called and also told me he would locate a Flying J because they were always open and also normally did a good turkey dinner on their buffet. I was dissatisfied but told him I would certainly ice up parts of the meal for him to have TG when he finally came back.

He slept that evening at the dock so he could be unloaded first thing. The next morning rolls around as well as there is no person. So he waited up until 10 am assuming they were simply late opening. He after that gets a telephone call from his dispatcher saying she just now discovered the receiver was shut until Friday! He said “Oh! I make certain you JUST NOW figured out! Many thanks for trying so difficult to ensure I obtained home for the vacation!”.

He called me to tirade and afterwards claimed he was going to bobtail over to a restaurant he had discovered that had an indicator triumphant marketing Thanksgiving supper with all of the fixings to have dinner on Thursday. He made himself a sandwich with his last piece of lunchmeat in his refrigerator and the crusts of the loaf of bread he had actually left, called it a day as well as watched TELEVISION, rested that day/night away. The next morning He determined to go have breakfast at that restaurant. He separates the trailer, locks the wheels and back doors with chains/padlocks as well as sets off bobtailing over to the restaurant. It had not been open, all was dark. So he figured they probably weren’t opening up till dinner time and visited a convenience store to get bread and peanut butter and a candy bar. Thanksgiving Day 2021 Pickings were rather slim I guess. He went back to the receiver’s and viewed TV for a couple of more hrs, rested and also got ready to return for dinner. He got to the diner and also it was still shut! Now he’s pretty upset and hungry. He goes to the door and reviews a sign that states “Shut Thanksgiving day so our employees can spend the day with household”.

He after that considers the sign that promoted Thanksgiving supper as well as in fine print, it says “Served throughout the day Wednesday!” He kicked himself since he can have gotten 2 SUPPERS as well as had one in the fridge for today! He wound up saving the candy bar for supper because he was SO, SO FED UP WITH sandwiches.

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