Halloween Kills Was Written By Green And Scott Teems, And Based On Characters Created By Carpenter And Debra Hill

Kyle Richards’ importance to the Halloween franchise may not rival that of Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays Michael Myers’ greatest opponent, Laurie Strode, but like Curtis, she can claim to have been involved with the series from the very start, having played the young Lindsey Wallace in John Carpenter’s original 1978 slasher classic.

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Now, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is reprising that role in the upcoming Halloween Kills (out in theaters and on Peacock Oct. 15), as showcased in the final trailer for David Gordon Green’s new film. (Fans of the franchise should also look out for some other familiar faces from the 1978 film in the clip.)

n addition to Curtis and Richards, Halloween Kills stars Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, and Anthony Michael Hall. The film finds the inhabitants of Haddonfield taking matters into their own hands, forming a vigilante mob that sets out to hunt Myers down once and for all — or at least until the next sequel, Halloween Ends.

Jamie Lee Curtis returns in her role as Laurie Strode, who once again finds herself at the center of the horror, alongside her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak). The visual for the David Gordon Green-directed movie depicts a series of blood-soaked action Halloween Kills sequences and on-the-edge-of-your-seat thrills as survivors attempt to kill the infamous serial killer Michael Myers (Nick Castle).

The final scene in the trailer reveals the highly anticipated unmasking of Myers, which has only ever happened once for a split second in the first movie. The killer’s head has been shown in previous films, though his face was not visible.

Kyle Richards returns as Lindsey Wallace and Charles Cyphers reprises his role as Sheriff Leigh Brackett. Elsewhere, the film also stars Will Patton, Thomas Mann and Anthony Michael Hall.

Halloween Kills is the sequel to the aforementioned 2018 reboot of the 1978 classic, Halloween. The film will arrive as the 12th installment of John Carpenter and Debra Hill’s slasher franchise.

That said, the second annual “Peacocktober” lineup actually kicks off today with the debut of The Toolbox Killer, a two-hour halloween kills documentary about the 1979 murder spree committed by Lawrence Bittaker and his partner, Roy Norris. September will close out with the premiere of Unidentified with Demi Lovato (Sep. 30), a docu-series in which the Grammy-winning artist explores the possibility of life beyond this planet alongside their sister and friend.

The festivities are set to pick up even more scary steam on Thursday, Oct. 7 with the release of two new series: One of Us is Lying and Create the Escape. One week later on Oct. 14, a hair-raising competition special rises from the local cemetery in Snoop and Martha’s Very Tasty Halloween. Michael Myers returns home to Haddonfield the very next day (Oct. 15) in David Gordon Green’s long-awaited Halloween Kills (hitting Peacock the same day it stabs its way into theaters). Slashers not your bag? Not a problem! That Friday also marks the return of all eight Harry Potter films to the platform.

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