Comedian and Friday Star Anthony Johnson Dead at 55

RIP AJ Anthony Johnson Shirt , who was known for his parts in Friday and House Party, died earlier this month. Anthony “A.J.” Johnson, an actor and comedian known for his roles in Friday and House Party, has died. He was 55. Johnson’s rep confirmed his death to PEOPLE “with great sadness.” The actor was … Read more

In Light Of Us Moving To Vegas And Upholding The Raider Nation Energy

For legendary hip hop artist Too $hort, the Raiders are about far more than football. To him, a lifelong devotee to the franchise through all of their relocations and incarnations, they represent a lifestyle, a culture, a fashion statement, an ethos. Raider Nation encompasses a unique love affair with a renegade football team and a … Read more

The Saints Seemingly Unable To Catch A Break Where Absences Are Concerned

The Saints who have already lost several of their staff due to covid-19 protocols announced that defensive line coach Ryan Nielsen and pass rush specialist Brian Young will not be with the team for their second game of the season. The defensive staff will now be responsible for Nielsen’s and Young’s duties. In addition the … Read more

While At My First Permanent Assignment I Was Given What I Was Told Was

Veterans Day is just over two months away, and any organization who wants a simple, free way to make Veterans Day more meaningful for Vietnam Veterans can become the Vietnam War Commemoration’s “commemorative partners.” The program is for federal, state and local communities, Veterans’ organizations and other nongovernmental organizations. They can assist a grateful nation … Read more

Seriously, This Has Everything You Want In A Gag Reel Flubbed Lineactors Breaking Into Laughs Technical Issues

If there’s a better afternoon treat than a four-minute gag real from director James Gunn’s wonderfully wicked The Suicide Squad, chances are we’re not getting one today. One punny warning, though—this gag reel might actually make you gag, depending on how you feel after watching James’ brother Sean feverishly lick a window as Weasel. People … Read more

Thankfully, no major software modifications were needed for the creature’s production

Just like when an infant Jedi master became the breakout star of The Mandalorian, ILM struck social media gold once again with the reptilian version of the Norse trickster god in the hit Marvel Studios and Disney+ series, Loki. As to whether Baby Yoda/Grogu reigns supreme over Alligator Loki, ILM VFX supervisor David Seager admits … Read more

Last Month, The Entire Democratic Budget Plan Was Threatened By A Group Of Centrist

Joe Biden has spent the vast majority of his half century in politics marketing himself as a pragmatic Democratic moderate. Yet some eight months into his presidency, his party’s centrist wing has become a major roadblock to passing his ambitious domestic policy agenda. Celebration 20th Roberto Clemente Day T-Shirt The latest point of contention between … Read more