…I want to write. I need to write. I have to find time to write.

I missed my weekly “Tee on Tuesday” post but I have a valid reason why. A really good reason!

Bare with me…. I hate to go into the new year like this but this has been one of the busiest/hectic weeks of my life.

This is my mini-apology to those of you that have stayed on me about my blog this week.

What I will say is this…… you need to go into this new year UN-comfortable. No settling. No regularly scheduled life. Unlocking your dreams & meeting your goals will take all of your ambition and all of your work ethic. Those two qualities don’t function in comfort. Shake things up…then go achieve those goals!

I’m working like I’ve never worked, to get what I’ve never had. Remember you cannot do it all. Handle your business then you say a prayer and let your Higher Power handle the rest.

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