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Happy Tuesday & welcome back to all my teeLARGE.com weekly readers, for some crazy reason you people keeping coming back for your weekly dose of foolishness. Special hello to all my first time readers….I do a weekly “Tee on Tuesdays” post every Tuesday at 10am. That’s my  only guaranteed post on the site. The others posts are just at random. I’m a work in progress.  

Speaking of random it’s currently 1:56 am, exactly 8 hours and 4 minutes before this post will go live and here I am just entering the second paragraph. I am super exhausted, I just walked in the door from doing a late night HangmanHsv job. I mounted 2 additional TV’s and put together a TV stand in a previous clients home. The customer is happy but dang I sure burnt the night oil on this one.

How about I do 10 random things (stream of consciousness) and then call it a night, Deal?

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh shooot! I just remembered my big sisters birthday was last week December 3rd and I didn’t call or contact her. That was the same morning my homeboy passed. I was pretty out of it that day. No excuse though. My sis actually subscribes to my blog so Tonnie if your reading this I love you and I’ll call tomorrow! and HAPPY BELATED!! 

2.  About 20 minutes ago I thought I had lost $175. I know I’m exhausted cause the money was in my wallet the whole time. My wallet was in my pocket, on me. The whole time. I tore up the living room and dining area of my apt. That’s how drained I am. 

3. I wonder does my apartment complex think I am just a disgruntled resident, or am I the “angry black guy”. Lately they have been under my skin for the dumbest of reasons. How does an entire building get a noise notice? Why doesn’t the apartment/resident that is making the noise get the noise complaint. For all of us to get a notice and I emphatically know I haven’t made a peep much louder than a whisper is upsetting. I was fire hot when I saw that note on my door. I also got a cigarette warning. I have never smoked a single thing a day in my life. Now that I think of it,, I’m never even home! We’ll see how this thing plays out. 60 day notice anyone?

4. My dad will be in town this weekend for 2 weeks. This will be the first time in well over a decade we’ve been in the same city for that long. This should be good. He came to Maya’s first basketball game this past weekend and yelled at the head coach to bench Maya for making a mistake on a play. All you heard was “hey…..bench her”…. as he pointed to his granddaughter from the sidelines! Classic moment. I’m still laughing! I love my dad and am super thankful for his role in my life at this point in our lives. We’re both in a good place. 

5. I interviewed for a job today. I also got a couple calls/emails about other job openings in town. Looks like I”ll be back in someone’s hr/recruiting department shortly, which isn’t a bad thing. The position I interviewed for today has ALOT of potential upside. Smaller company, but growing and on track to continue growing well into 2016 and beyond. I actually enjoy recruiting, the people you meet, contacts your make. the challenges of getting someone to the interview process and then thru  completion/on boarding. I definitely should have opened my own recruiting/staffing firm years ago when I had the chance. I’ll still keep my HangmanHsv thing going. I’ll always be entrepreneurial, it’s in my heart. Never Not Working. 

6. I let the guys in the barbershop convince me to keep my beard at its current thick/full height. Next time I’ll be my own man and get what I want. I am tired of this thick. I really want the light shadow look for awhile. 

7.  In my intro paragraph did anyone get a little tight when I used the term “you people” ? I did that on purpose cause I hate the term “you people”. It’s the worst way to categorize a group. Honestly if I wgiphy-facebook_sas with a group of friends and someone rode by and shouted out the infamous “n” word I would probably just look crazy. But if some rode by and called us “you people” I would probably instantly morph into Liam Neeson’s character from the Taken movies. ——-> 

8. It’s now 2:43 am and I just dozed off for 20 minutes. Let’s knock out these last couple bullet points coming off this mini-nap when I should be sleep. 

8 & 1/2 The last time I went grocery shopping it was for Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve been on the go so much I haven’t really eaten. I desperately need a meal fixed on a stove, or an oven with helpings of love, spoonfuls of care, and maybe a few shakes of that Zatarans or Tony Cachere’s Cajun seasoning. I’m out here looking like a “sponsor a child” commercial.  

9. Continuing my my life long quest for the perfect backpack I bought  a new one today. This one is alot like a Patagonia bag (which is what I really want). The only difference is the name is NOT Patagonia, and it’s about $150 less than a Patagonia LOL.  I am a sucker for a new backpack. It’s almost an automatic buy a couple times a year for me. I don’t even know what I am looking for in a bag that will make it the perfect bag. I assume I’ll know when I finally find the perfect one. This one is pretty nice so far. It’s only been 6 hours though so….the verdict is still debatable. Man do I sound like a woman describing her latest purse of what ?!?!?! 


I’m gone. 

—– Tee.

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