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1:29am 2/27/15

Rappers wanna be ball players, ball players wanna rap….and nobody wants to write. Yet oddly enough here I am up at basically 1:30am with a burst of energy to write a blog post similar to a rapper in the studio seeking rhyming words for his newest single, while watching Lebron James ridiculous highlights on Sportscenter. Oh the irony.

When did hard work become synonymous with staying up all night? **Sidenote me using the word “synonymous” in a sentence is what happens when you spend 48 hours in the house because your city is paralyzed under arguably 2-5 inches of snow. So you study words for an hour or so each day to strengthen your vocabulary**

But I digress…

Why can’t we work hard AND get a fairly respectable nights sleep? Let’s examine my day. I’ve already admitted I’ve been in the house the whole day because good ‘ol Huntsville, Alabama decided to take another city wide snow day. I woke up around 11:30am after a long night the night before. I ate a late breakfast with my daughter and played with her for awhile before getting my actual day started. No shower, shave or any cleaning today, unless your counting what I did around the house. I did wash dishes, straighten a closet of two, and a few other small household chores.

The bulk of my day was spent at the computer. I am working on 3-4 projects at the same time. I’m not sure if God is taking me back into the conventional 8-5 work life ever again but I do venture onto Indeed.com, Monster and Careerbuilder just in case. I told God I am not walking thru any door (opportunity) this time, unless its with Him. So whatever door (opportunity) that comes my way, I know it is truly from Him. With that being said, I don’t have a formal job, I’ve applied for some, but I haven’t missed a beat.

The highlight of my day was landing a gig for Unknown Lyric (UL). I’ve stepped into a management/booking role recently for these two talented musicians. Take a acoustic guitarist and a classically trained violinist who both share a love of rock, pop, jazz, gospel and hip-hop and you get “Classical Fusion” the perfect instrumental music genre.

The guys are booked for the TedX Conference in Birmingham, AL this Saturday and so I made some calls and landed us a gig at a popular upscale restaurant nearby for Saturday night. It felt good getting that first booking under my belt. Now I can go get UL on the “Grammy’s” or something LOL! Ask any real salesman and he/she will tell you there is nothing like the confidence your first sale brings. You feel like you can conquer the world.

This gave me the energy to work on the other few projects the rest of the evening. I’m not ready to reveal all of those yet but if you know me personally then you know that one project is everything I do with TeamML6. Micha is building something super special and I am thankful to be apart of that process as well. I am in a really good space right now creatively and I am thanking my Higher Power for every bit of this energy. It is so true that daily time spent with God will unlock everything else. Gone is all negativity including negative environments and negative people that I used to try so hard to keep near. Let Go & Let God is truly the motto.

So all of this brings me back to being up at what is now 1:51am full of energy and in the mood to work. Reading a couple online articles, real ones not the dumb ones people post on Facebook. Doing research people! I’m also replying to emails and crafting some new messages to send out. I’ve traded working 8-5 to fuel someone else’s dreams, to working anytime-anywhere to fuel my own. Cue the Janet Jackson song.

On that note I’m gone good people…..this was fun, let’s do it again soon.

-Tee 2:03am 2/27/15

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