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12:38 am, Fri night/Saturday morn (depending on how technical you want to be)

Huntsville is snowed/iced in under a 1/2 inch of slush / I been in the house 89% of the day = A perfect time for a new blog post. Don’t expect any order to this. I am going to just type until I get tired.

I’ve been in the South 15 years. I grew up in Indianapolis and I am trying to keep some Naptown in me, but even I acted like I had never seen snow today. When it was actually falling earlier today I lit up like I wasn’t from Indy, like I hadn’t seen a city COVERED in INCHES of snow before (TWSS). We got maybe a half inch and I (along with the rest of my city) was driving like if you were to hand a bible character a set of Mercedes keys.

It’s always good to be around your kids (for us parents out there) on snow days. To see the sheer joy and excitement my 4 year old had for the weather was a blessing. We took a walk, and did a little playing outside. She did this really cute thing where she tried to place her footprint inside of mine, which meant she was taking these gargantuan over-sized steps just to go from one of my footprint to the other. Reminded me of the spiritual “Footprint in the Sand” poem for a moment or two.

The biggest accomplishment of my day was the amount of cleaning and organizing I got done. One of the things I have been trying to do is become better in this department. I am definitely not a “dirty” person, but I am not a neat freak either. I’m the “not-put-things-back-where-they-belong-er”- That’s my title. I’m the guy that walks in the bathroom, grabs his toothbrush out the holder, and the toothpaste out the drawer…brushes his teeth then leaves the paste cap on the left side of the sink, the toothbrush in the drawer and the toothpaste tube on the right side of the sink. Everything displaced or misplaced. Chaos. Or I get undressed in like 3 different rooms. My belt and shoes in the living room, jeans at the foot of the bed, and t-shirt in the bathroom or draped over a dining room chair as I make my way to the kitchen. So you see, its not exactly “dirty” it’s just unorganized and stuff everywhere.

So lately I have been challenging myself to clean better. It really started last year. See back when I was dating the mother of my children, she was a pick-upper and didn’t bother to fuss about stuff like my stuff being everywhere unless it became super ridiculous. Then you fall in line for a few days/week to make her happy and all is well. I never had the discipline to see the error in my ways and be better. But last year I dated a couple women (1 for 5-6 months, the other for 2-3) that would nag the absolute sh*t out of you over a unorganized home. They were both super organized detail oriented women. In order to date them you had to clean/organize daily. That change of pace really helped me break bad habits. See, I’m not against cleaning at all, I had just gotten lazy and been okay with being lazy. So this is a public thank you to both of you for helping me. Its because of you that I was so focused today and have been attempting to improve my household organizational skills these last few months. I decided that I liked the Travis who kept a organized home a little better than chaos Tee. So the moral to this paragraph is you can take something from every relationship. Those two women are awesome and although we never had anything long term, I am seriously better having met both of them.

It’s 1:03 am now. I been at this for almost a half hour. You may be tired of reading….but I still have more to write….writing is so healthy for my soul. I just don’t do it that often. I have to let it build up a little.

I’m still working on my book. It has taken on so many different forms over the last year or so. Devotional, Inspirational, Motivational, Biographical…..I don’t know where this thing will end up. Hopefully it will end up “completed” LOL.

Ha! It’s 1:08am now and I just got tired of writing….literally 5 minutes ago I was ready to write 10 more paragraphs…then sleep hit me.

This was fun. See you guys soon.